Ylva Tilda Lambrechts

Science fiction and fantasy from Belgium.
As yet unpublished – but hope springs eternal.

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Glitchy gadgets, sarcastic frogs and waffle galore

The story so far

I’m Tildie, the far-less-factual alter ego of a science writer in Brussels, Belgium. She’s left me in charge while she takes some well-deserved time out.
Unlike my real-life twin, I spend most of my time making up stories.
Sadly, many of these tales live purely in my head, and it’s getting crowded up there. The challenge now is to actually get them written up. How far will I get?

Science fiction or fantasy?

Shall we tempt fate and stir that discussion up again? Actually no, I don’t think I’m brave enough…
Let’s just say that I like both, don’t want to commit to either, and can’t always tell them apart anyway. After all, “… indistinguishable from magic” et cetera, n’est-ce pas?
Seriously, though – here’s more on what I do write.

Does it matter?

Either way, to me it’s about real people, however imaginary. Human or other individuals, biological, artificial, virtual or ethereal, with their abilities, limitations and quirks, dealing with challenges in worlds unlike ours.
Depending on the setting, their efforts will pan out differently, and I pick out the bits that make me laugh.
That’s where my stories sit: on the lighter side of the flaws and fiascos of fey or future folk.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope to have some stories for you soon… Watch this space!

Tea with Tildie, 2023 © D. Hertel
Tea with Tildie, 2023 © D. Hertel

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Close-up of a display of Belgian waffles (c) Ylva Tilda Lambrechts

The future: probably more of the same, but with colonies in space

And plenty of waffles. Hopefully.