About Me

Ylva Tilda Lambrechts in 2023 © D. Hertel, 2023
What is she looking at – ET? © D. Hertel, 2023

Ylva Tilda Lambrechts. Tildie, for short. Lifelong beginner of science fiction and fantasy writing projects. Newly committed to finishing more of them.

Also, curious. Slightly weird. Easily amused. Intrigued by new ideas. Flamboyantly introverted. Fascinated by science, as a frog might be fascinated by the concept of Klingon opera. Fount of useless information, but reliably short on relevant facts. Scatterbrained, sarcastic and very stubborn indeed. Enthusiastically Belgian, though not by birth.

Mother not of dragons, but of a goofy dog and, until recently, a now much-missed grumpy cat. Avid reader. Fuelled by coffee, grounded by yoga (namaste, fellow mat flatteners). Unzenfully irritated by many, many things.

Is there anything else you might like to know? Have a look at the FAQs below or drop me a line.

Fiendishly awkward questions

Nobody’s actually asked me anything yet, but if they ever do, here are some topics that may well come up…

Other worlds.
Equally flawed.